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Centers and Institutes

Centers and Institutes

  • Access to Justice Institute

    The Access to Justice Institute serves as the law school's social justice hub.

    Adolf A. Berle, Jr. Center on Corporations, Law & Society

    The Center facilitates the study of the constantly evolving American and global economic system, the ongoing struggle for power between and among corporations, governments, individuals, and society, and the role of law in mediating and shaping the nature of our economic relations and institutions.

    Center for Business Ethics

    The mission of the Center for Business Ethics is to inspire people to build business cultures that respect and support persons, relationships, communities, and ecosystems.

    Center for Environmental Justice and Sustainability

    The Center for Environmental Justice and Sustainability (CEJS) will inspire and prepare a generation of leaders to meet the unprecedented ethical challenge facing humankind in the early 21st century: forging a sustainable relationship between humankind and planet Earth, and doing so in ways that foster justice within and between societies.

    Center for Faculty Development

    The Center for Faculty Development promotes the professional formation of all faculty through a scholarly and interdisciplinary approach to learning and teaching, research practice, and professional development.

    Center for Global Business

    It is a platform to showcase our global focus and leverage our competencies to provide superior education to our students and conduct research on critical issues with respect to international trade and global competitiveness, with outreach to businesses and policy makers as well as academics.

    Center for Global Justice

    The Center for Global Justice fosters multidisciplinary research, education, and advocacy about critical international legal issues, including human rights, conflict resolution, governance, development, security, and the environment. Through colloquiums, conferences, and publications, the Center actively engages with doctrinal and policy dimensions of key questions that confront international legal regimes.

    Center for Indian Law and Policy

    I am very pleased to announce and introduce the Center for Indian Law and Policy at Seattle University School of Law. The establishment of this new Center makes Indian law a focal point among the array of educational opportunities available to our students while furthering our social justice mission through the Center's many programs and activities.

    Center for Leadership Formation

    The Center for Leadership Formation (CLF) oversees all executive programs and provides innovative, world-class education to mid- to senior-level professionals with an emphasis on leadership, business expertise, and a commitment to social responsibility.

    Center for Community Engagement

    The Center for Community Engagement serves as the main entry point for students, faculty, and staff who want to serve and learn in the community.

    Center for Strategic Communications

    The Center for Strategic Communications (CSC) focuses on public advocacy that advances the university's mission to empower leaders for a just and humane world. Projects empower the university and larger community to work together on social justice issues.

    Center for the Study of Justice in Society

    CSJS was established by the Office of the Provost in 2001 to promote interdisciplinary faculty scholarship on topics of social, economic, environmental and indigenous justice and to support faculty who are leaders in ethically identifying, exposing and documenting critical issues of justice in our local and global communities.

    Center for the Study of Sport and Exercise

    CSSP functions as a platform for scholarly research and teaching, continuing education, and public dissemination of information regarding the role and conduct of sports in a global society.

    Center for Vulnerable Populations

    The Center for Vulnerable Populations is a multidisciplinary community of scholars committed to building the capacity to promote health in vulnerable populations through research, advocacy, teaching, and management of health and health problems.

    Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center

    At the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center we build and nourish the entrepreneurial spirit. To us, entrepreneurship is more than a collection of courses. It's a philosophy, a mindset that inspires innovation, risk-taking, and seizing opportunities in any form of business venture.

    Fred T. Korematsu Center for Law and Equality

    The Center's mission is to advance justice and equality through a unified vision that combines research, advocacy, and education.