Center for Environmental Justice and Sustainability
What SU is Doing


  • Plastic Bottled Water-Free Campus

    Our students led the campaign to make Seattle U the first Washington school to remove single-use bottled water everywhere on campus. Learn more about this issue.   

    Fill your reusable bottle with free water at these campus locations: 

    • Water fountains
    • C-Street cafeteria has fruit-infused water carafes at the salad bar and water at the soda fountain
    • Bottom Line, Sidebar and Bistro have a water jug 

    SU Water Bottle Raises Money for Haitian Clean Water Project

    Water bottle for Engineers Without Border's Haitian Clean Water Project When you buy this water bottle from the SU Bookstore, all profits go to SU’s Engineers for a Sustainable World which installs water treatment systems in Haiti. The 2,000+ bottles sold so far are providing 80,000 Haitians with safe water. The bottles are bought from a nationwide bottled-water campaign run by an SU alum. Read the story

    Student-Led Campaign

    If you’re a student at another school seeking information on how to remove bottled water from your campus, read our case study and FAQ.

    Water Conservation


    We use low-flow toilets, urinals, showerheads, and faucet aerators. Cooler and freezer equipment use water-saving refrigerant systems.


    Drip irrigation eliminates water lost from wind, oversLandscapepray, runoff, and evaporation.  Rain sensors prevent the irrigation system from turning on when it’s raining.  Plants are watered in the evenings, when watering is most efficient.

    Plants with similar watering requirements are grouped in the same zone. We prefer native, drought tolerant plants. A layer of wood chips around the plants regulates soil temperature and reduces water loss to evaporation. 

     Grass is mowed to 3 inches high, which shades the soil, reduces evaporation, and decreases water needs. Grass clippings are left on the lawn to decompose, adding organic matter to the soil and increasing its water-holding capacity. Lawns are aerated to create deep roots able to withstand longer periods between watering.