Center for Environmental Justice and Sustainability

President’s Committee

  • The President’s Committee for Sustainability (PCS) was convened in March 2011 to:

    • Implement the Seattle University Climate Action Plan
    • Provide a means of integrating sustainability initiatives across the Seattle University community

    The committee includes faculty, staff and students from all areas of campus. Committee contact person: Professor Greg Magnan.

    Subcommittee 2014-2015 Objectives

    Prof. Lyn Gualtieri shows her Environmental Science students how to take a soil coring sampleFour sub-committees are making progress toward achieving our Climate Action Plan goals:


    Goal - Educate all students about climate change and sustainability in the classroom

    • Assess and evaluate sustainability-focused and sustainability-related courses and scholars doing sustainability research in each of the 8 colleges.

    Co-Curricular Programs

    Goal  - Educate all students about climate change and sustainability in co-curricular programs

    Co-curricular programs include student activities, housing and residence life, commuter and transfer student services, leadership development and many more. 

    • Develop and implement measurable learning outcomes focused on sustainability within co-curricular programs.
    • Develop and implement guidelines for organizing and implementing sustainable events on campus using the Green Meeting and Event Planning Guide and Checklist. 


    Goal- Eliminate greenhouse gas emissions from operations and transportation

    • Advise on strategies to reduce emissions from buildings, campus vehicles, air travel, commuting and waste combined 12% by 2020 and 51% by 2035 as compared to 2009.

    Marketing & Communications

    Goal - Share our sustainability knowledge and expertise

    • Communicate progress toward meeting Climate Action Plan goals, new sustainability initiatives and best practices to campus members and the general public. 
    • Pilot a green office program to help offices and departments use resources efficiency, reduce waste and save money.


    2013-2014 Accomplishments and Goals for 2015 
    2012-2013 accomplishments 
    2011-2012 Accomplishments

    Meeting Minutes