Center for Environmental Justice and Sustainability

President’s Committee

  • The President’s Committee for Sustainability (PCS) was convened in March 2011 to:

    • Implement the Seattle University Climate Action Plan
    • Provide a means of integrating sustainability initiatives across the Seattle University community

    The 25-member committee includes faculty, staff and students from all areas of campus. Committee contact person: Karen Price, Campus Sustainability Manager.

    Subcommittee 2013-2014 Objectives

    Prof. Lyn Gualtieri shows her Environmental Science students how to take a soil coring sampleFour sub-committees are making progress toward achieving our Climate Action Plan goals:


    Goal - Educate all students about climate change and sustainability in the classroom

    • Administer the Sustainability Literacy assessment to undergraduates.
    • Collaborate with the Center for Environmental Justice and Sustainability to create a process to annually inventory sustainability-focused and sustainability-related courses and scholars doing sustainability research.

    Co-Curricular Programs

    Goal  - Educate all students about climate change and sustainability in co-curricular programs

    Co-curricular programs include student activities, housing and residence life, commuter and transfer student services, leadership development and many more. 

    • Implement an EcoChallenge in Spring 2014 for all students. 
    • Continue the “Everyday is Earthday” outreach and education campaign with programming throughout the year. Committee members will promote EcoAlliance events to their constituencies. 
    • Implement sustained training for student clubs and organizations around the Green Meeting and Event Planning Guide and Checklist. And work with Conference and Event Services and Bon Appetit Catering to get the Guide and Checklist to their customers. 


    Goal- Eliminate greenhouse gas emissions from operations and transportation

    • Continue to engage with the Puget Sound Bike Share.
    • Create a Transportation Advisory board made of students, staff and faculty to advise on what the campus community needs to help them car/van pool, walk, bike, and ride to campus.  Hold a forum for bike commuters to assess their bike parking needs.  Implement an online ride matching web site only for SU members.
    • Promote OIT supported video and web conferencing services to the SU community. 
    • Pilot a program to remove trash bins from offices and put one trash bin next to the compost bin in office kitchens.

    Marketing & Communications

    Goal - Share our sustainability knowledge and expertise

    • Publish a Seattle University Climate Action Plan Annual Report in Fall Quarter.
    • Write stories of what faculty and staff are doing within their departments and what student clubs are doing for the campus to further sustainability to be put on the SU sustainability web site, the CEJS’s web site, in The Commons and the Community Connections newsletter.
    • Pilot a green office program to help offices and departments use resources efficiency, reduce waste and save money.


    2013-2014 Accomplishments and Goals for 2015 
    2012-2013 accomplishments 
    2011-2012 Accomplishments

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