Center for Environmental Justice and Sustainability
2013-2014 Students

SU Stormwater Team

  • A Reassessment of Seattle University Stormwater Infrastructure Incorporating Green Infrastructure Designs

    SU stormwater team

    Back (left to right): Genna Cortese, Rose Brallier, Tyler Hartje
    Front (left to right): Abigail Wells, Theda Hovind, Elizabeth Yuodelis


        In line with the Seattle University dedication to sustainability, we aim to develop a stormwater master plan for the SU campus. This plan is important because Seattle University is located in an area drained by a combined sewer system. Combined sewers are designed so that both sewage and runoff water are taken to a water treatment plant; in the event of a heavy storm, the increased water levels can cause a combined sewer overflow where polluted waters are released into local water systems, in this case the Duwamish river.  By developing a master plan that reduces the flow of water off our campus, we can help prevent overflow events. In our design we will be focusing on the use of green infrastructure designs such as swales and rain gardens that will use the water as well as provide a habitat to plants and some animals on campus. Finally, as a team we hope to better educate the SU community about the problems of stormwater runoff, as well as how understanding stormwater and green infrastructure designs can positively impact our campus environment as well as the Puget Sound community.