Center for Environmental Justice and Sustainability
2013-2014 Students

Gabe Kaemingk

  • Implementing Environmentally Responsible Biomedical Laboratory Practices and Developing a Model for Use in Student-Faculty Research at Seattle University

    Gabe Kaemingk Headshot

        The specific aim of my project is to development and implement environmentally responsible biomedical laboratory practices to be used in our laboratory, which can then be modeled more broadly around campus. I recently came to recognize the amount of waste generated in our lab, and I hypothesize that taking environmentally sensitive actions will not only improve the lab’s environmental sustainability, but also produce time and cost-savings that will improve overall lab productivity. Modeling where possible the Best Practices Guide for Lab Sustainability from Harvard, we will undergo an environmental sustainability audit in our laboratory in order to determine ways of minimizing waste and improving methods of sustainability in our research lab.