Center for Environmental Justice and Sustainability
2013-2014 Faculty

Dr. Trileigh Tucker

  •  An Environmental Justice (EJ) Teaching Resource: Inventory and Analysis of Current Practices in College EJ Education

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    This study (which directly addresses one of the Center for Environmental Justice and Sustainability's (CEJS) core activities – the scholarship of pedagogy) involves conducting an initial review and assessment of current college-level pedagogy in environmental justice. 


    The study comprises four activities:      

    1. Develop a database of 30-50 carefully-selected, publicly-available syllabi for undergraduate EJ courses from a set of institutions reflecting diversity in selectivity, student population, geographic location, setting, and religious affiliation, with particular emphasis on Jesuit universities. 
    2. Analyze EJ syllabi for common practices and outstanding innovative teaching approaches, including definitions of EJ, course objectives, course, concept sequencing, global/local balance, required activities and assignments, and assessment. Special attention will be given to Jesuit EJ education.
    3. Assess what works well and what can be problematic in teaching EJ, through consultations with a national subset of faculty teaching EJ courses.
    4. Create an annotated bibliography of selected course resources to serve as a long-term CEJS resource for faculty at SU and beyond.

    Each component will be designed to be publicly available on the CEJS website, as an ongoing resource not only for SU, but faculty nationwide working to develop their EJ offerings. With this “Environmental Justice Teaching Resources” (EJTR) inventory, CEJS can frame and contribute significantly to a national conversation on EJ pedagogy.