Center for Environmental Justice and Sustainability
2013-2014 Faculty

Dr. Ben Curtis and Dr. Serena Cosgrove

  • Environmental Justice and Poverty Alleviation in Costa Rica

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        Curtis and Cosgrove's research with this fellowship will involve fieldwork in Costa Rica to investigate specific programs working on environmental justice and poverty alleviation. The key research questions are these: How is cross-sectoral collaboration between government, business, and civil society organizations working to achieve measurable outcomes of poverty alleviation for environmental justice projects in Costa Rica? What are the potentially scalable and replicable lessons/impacts for other countries in relation to poverty alleviation through environmental justice projects? How can the capabilities approach to poverty be applied to understand environmentally sustainable development projects? This research will be published as a chapter on policies for environmentally sustainable poverty alleviation in a book being co-authored by Curtis and Cosgrove entitled Understanding Global Poverty: Causes and Solutions.