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For Educators: Clock and Credit Hours

  • Participants are eligible to apply for up to 22 clock hours or 2 post-baccalaureate credits, if attending all three days of this conference. This professional development opportunity is available through the Professional Learning office in the College of Education at Seattle University. (Questions about credits or clock hours, please contact Annique Atwater at (206) 296-2147 or 

    Post-baccalaureate Credits

    For each 10 hours of documented conference participation, you can earn one post-baccalaureate university credit, with a maximum of two credits available. In order to receive a post-baccalaureate credit, you must have already earned a bachelor’s degree. Post-baccalaureate credits may not be combined with clock hours. Post-baccalaureate credits are transcripted by the university. It is important to note, however, they are not generally accepted for graduate-level matriculation by Seattle University or other universities. Attendees who wish to receive Post-baccalaureate Credits will pay $40 per credit, with a maximum of two credits available.  

    Washington State Clock Hours

    For each hour of documented participation in conference participation, you can earn one clock hour, with a maximum of twenty-two clock hours available. Clock hours may not be combined with post-baccalaureate credits. Clock hours are not transcripted through the university, nor are they generally accepted by either Seattle University or other universities as matriculable credits. Attendees who wish to receive Washington State Clock Hours will pay $2 per hour, with a total of $44 for twenty-two hours. No credit for half hours will be given.   

    Documentation Needed


    To record/document your participation, and qualify for credit or clock hours, sign in at the conference registration table at the beginning of each day. You must also download and complete applicable forms, linked to below.

    Forms available for download:

    Submit the completed form, along with payment, at the registration table on the last day of the conference – or mail completed form and payment to the address below: 

    Annique Atwater

    College of Education

    901 12th Avenue

    PO Box 222000

    Seattle, WA 98122-1090

    (Again, address questions about credits or clock hours to Annique Atwater at (206) 296-2147 or

    Seattle University 

    Seattle University is a regionally accredited Jesuit university. The university was founded in 1891, and the college of education is in its 79th year. The college offers 11 graduate degrees. The post-baccalaureate credits and WA State clock hours are offered through the College of Education’s Office of Professional Learning.  

    For more information: