Center for Environmental Justice and Sustainability

What You Can Do

  • 1. Eat Local 

    • Buy your rice from here, not somewhere halfway across the globe. Find a farmer's market near you.
    • Grab your morning coffee and muffin at that local cafe instead of one of those coffee chains. 

    2. Eat less meat  

    • Meatless Mondays! Need a reason as to why you should partake? Well, we've got six.

    3. Eat seasonal  

    • Carrots and Spinach are nice to eat all year long, but corn and eggplant like to come out only in the summer and fall. Use this neat little chart to help you figure out what to eat and when.  
    • Want to see what foods you can eat from your home state? Find out here.

    4. Preserve your harvest

    • Can, freeze, dehydrate anything and everything you can! Here are some quick, easy  techniques for preserving your harvest.

    5. Buy fair-trade  

    • Spend your money on bananas that came from famers and workers who are actually justly compensated. Look for the fair-trade certified label.

    6. Grow something

    • Fresh parsley tastes just as good from your herb garden than the grocery store. Maybe even better.  
    • Start an herb garden or even a p-patch! Or join a local community garden in your neighborhood.

    7. Learn to cook

    • Experiment and make your own marinara sauce or chicken broth! Forget that preserved stuff at the grocery store.
    • Don't want to experiment? Here are some tasty recipes.

    8. Support organic businesses

    • Shop and dine at places that offer organic items.

    9. Compost!

    • Stop! And think before you throw your scraps down the garbage disposal. Odds are it's compostable.

    10. Eat vegan at least one day each week



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