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  • What can coffee growers in Nicaragua do to avoid poisoning streams with wastewater? How is the boom in electric cars affecting the nation’s power grid? How are universities teaching students about environmental justice and sustainability?

    Seattle University students and faculty are researching these critical questions and more at our Center for Environmental Justice and Sustainability (CEJS). Our mission is to support interdisciplinary scholarship, teaching, and learning in environmental justice and sustainability.


    CEJS has supported 24 faculty and student fellows since 2013. The interdisciplinary projects include business, theology, chemistry, physics, electrical and civil engineering, and the pedagogy of environmental justice. Read more.

    Our biennial conference connects researchers, businesses, and communities that are tackling environmental justice and sustainability issues. Read more.


    We co-sponsor lectures, workshops, and symposia. During the 2014 fall quarter we will offer a faculty workshop on the pedagogy of environmental justice. Read more.

    The Center serves as a clearinghouse for environmental justice and sustainability research, courses and faculty experts.

    Community Engagement

    Located just a seven-minute walk from the heart of campus, CEJS is located in the Bullitt Center, the greenest commercial office building in the world. Come tour the composting toilets, gray water treatment wetland, and the building’s irresistible staircase. Read more.

    Our partnership with the Bullitt Foundation has provided hands-on learning for Seattle University environmental engineering students who have tested the water quality in the Bullitt Center’s gray water treatment wetland to evaluate its performance.


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    Sept-Dec. Mandela's Way Reading Group
    Oct. 2, Pacific NW Resilience Challenge
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  • Humanitarian Engineering and Transformation

    In December, 2013, Dr. Louie and a team of volunteers traveled to a rural Kenyan village to provide "humanitarian engineering".

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    Learn more about his research here.