Center for Environmental Justice and Sustainability

Who Should Attend

  • Scholars: The conference will bring together researchers and teachers from a variety of disciplines to examine sustainability topics such as water, energy, food systems, climate change, biodiversity conservation, law and policy, governance, and education through the lens of environmental justice.

    Nonprofit, Government, and Community Stakeholders: The conference will draw representatives from diverse organizations working on sustainability and environmental justice and seeks to connect academic research with those communities affected by environmental injustices.

    Students interested in furthering sustainability at their home campus, including student leaders, researchers, activists, peer educators, club members, and others.

    Artists: The conference seeks active participation by those working in the arts; we invite proposals that will bring visual or performance arts to the conference.

    Staff and administrators from Jesuit universities and institutions are particularly encouraged to attend as the conference seeks to build the network of those affiliated with Jesuit institutions -- those who have responded to recent Jesuit calls to the work of environmental justice and sustainability. To cite just one example, the 2010 Task Force on Jesuit Mission and Ecology explicitly challenged all Jesuit institutions to “impart…environmental literacy and to create learning environments where students are immersed in real-world environmental issues, learn to develop solutions, and leave the university transformed by the experience.”

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