Post-school Outcomes Resources 

Resources related to Indicator 14 can be found on the National Post-school Outcome Center’s (NPSO) website:  

Top 5 Strategies for Increasing Response Rates: Use this handy flyer for five easy ways to boost your contact rate.

Strategies for Increasing Response Rates from NPSO
In-depth recommendations and strategies that states and districts can use to secure sufficient response rates, especially from youth who drop out of school, are provided. PDF link  

 Post-School Survey Consent Form (PDF): Verbal consent template for post-school telephone survey.

 FAQs: Definition of leavers (Word): This document will help you identify who should be included in the 2010 Post-school Survey.

Leaver Contact Information (PDF): Use this PDF to collect the most up-to-date contact information for each youth you will be contacting for the Post-school Survey. Getting this information now will make it easier to successfully contact the youth in the summer and fall.

Post-school Survey Timeline (PDF): Use this timeline to direct your Post-School Survey activities throughout the year.

Interview Consent Form: Use this form to ensure that interviewees understand the survey and give consent to take it.

Keeping track of leavers spreadsheet (Excel): This Excel Spreadsheet is a suggested way for organizing the list of your 2010 leavers. Feel free to modify (add or delete columns) the template to fit the needs of your district. Most of the column headers contain comments; to read them hover over the red mark in the cell with your cursor.

Examining the data (Word): The purpose of this document is to provide strategies to examine these data and to identify areas to either celebrate or address in providing transition services to youth in special education.

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