Career Services


  • Here is the current list of available SU Advantage tools:

    The Redhawk Network button

     Redhawk Network Button

     Add this to your website to help alumni and employers know where to log in to post jobs and internships, sign up to be a mentor and where students and alums can search for open positions.

    Collateral/inserts available to campus partners

    In the right-hand column on this page, you can view and download all collateral and inserts for marketing the SU Advantage to constituents.

    SU Advantage Magazine ad

    Redhawk Network rotating slide

     Redhawk Network-slide

    "Connecting Purpose to Potential" slide

     Connecting Purpose to Potential

    SU Advantage Microsoft PowerPoint Template


    Click on the text above for a Microsoft PowerPoint template.

    Alumni Relations SU Advantage signature networking events

    Click on the text above to learn more about job search networking, webinars, and other events sponsored by Alumni Relations.

    Social Media Guide

    Click on the text to learn more about how to use social media to effectively engage your audience in a matter that is engaging, unique and timely.

     Redhawk Network User Guides and Tutorials

    Click on the text above to be directly linked to the Online User Guides and Video Tutorials for all users of the Redhawk Network.