Career Services

Mentor Programs

  • Career Services offers a variety of ways to engage as a mentor within the SU community.

    Redhawk Network Mentor Database:
    SU students and alumni can search the database to find mentors whose profiles (industry, company, cultural background, job function, etc.) match their interests. Mentors decide how much availability they have and list their preferred activities.  This is a fantastic way for mentors and mentees to periodically connect when their areas of interests and expertise intersect, whether they live near or far.

    Alumni & Community Mentors:
    Mentors with an interest in offering advice and sharing their experience with a group or audience rather than an individual, may prefer to be invited for specific events and can sign up to be a professional in residence, a content contributor, a panelist, or a speaker. As Career Services plans events through our office, with student clubs or in conjunction with faculty, we'll look for ways to connect alumni in specific fields or with ties to particular majors.

    Structured Mentor Programs
    These programs are typically run in conjunction with a particular degree program or on-campus office.  Structured programs enable interested mentors to connect one-on-one with a student or alum for a specified time period (1 quarter, 1 academic year, etc.) and to participate in a mentoring program with defined learning objectives that are designed to meet a specific need within a major or academic program.  Examples of these programs include MPA Connections for students in the MPA program or Health Careers Connections for students aspiring to careers in the healthcare industry.