Career Services

Expectations of Mentoring

  • What Mentors Can Expect from Mentees:

    • Mentees will be prompt, respectful, and appreciative of mentor's time
    • Varying levels of professional acumen, depending on their personal profiles (such as year in school, undergrad, grad, alumni status, personal history or background, etc.)
    • A level of research, knowledge, and/or preparation commensurate with their professional background and goals

    What Mentees Can Expect from Mentors

    • Mentors will be prompt, respectful, and appreciative of mentees' time
    • Mentors can provide reasonable levels of direction to mentoring interactions
    • Mentors will put mentees' goals at the center of the mentoring relationship

    What SU Expects from Mentors and Mentees

    • Follow the guidelines of the Redhawk Network Mentor Program User Agreement
    • Appropriate levels of professionalism
    • Follow through on appointments and agreements
    • Mutual care and sincere efforts to foster growth and professional development
    • Report any problems or concerns immediately to Career Services