Counseling and Psychological Services

Information for Family and Friends

  • This page is designed to help you understand and prepare for some of the unique experiences your children may have during their college years. This developmental period can be a significant transition time for your son or daughter... and for you. 

    CAPS Staff

    It might comfort you to know that CAPS staff are licensed mental health professionals who have experience working with college students. Our professional team can help you and your child clarify whether his or her current experience is healthy and normal or represents a concern that could benefit from or require professional treatment.

    Our office provides a variety of services to enhance your child's academic success and emotional well-being. These services include: group, individual, couple psychotherapy for students experiencing a variety of personal-emotional issues; crisis-response services; self-help materials; workshops and consultations; referrals to other mental health resources; a resource library and a variety of on-line resources. 

    When might psychotherapy be appropriate for your student?

    Students seek psychotherapy for many reasons including, but not limited to the following: 

    • loneliness and adjustment issues
    • concerns about career choice and/or academic performance
    • family concerns such as alcoholism or divorce
    • emotional difficulties such as depression and anxiety
    • roommate conflicts
    • eating disorders
    • problems with alcohol and drug abuse
    • relationship problems, and suicidal feelings

    Students may be seen at CAPS or referred for other psychological or psychiatric services depending on the nature of their presenting issues.