Appalachian Service Trip

  • Program Cost:  $1100.00

    Travel Dates:  March 22-28, 2015

    Applications are available now. Due April 17, 2015. 

    Participants in the Appalachia Service Immersion Program travel to West Virginia to live at and work with a Catholic Worker Farm addressing issues of rural poverty and environmental justice and sustainability. Their goal is to provide a center of spirituality and hope with and for the people of the mountains through programs that promote social justice.  

    Past participants have worked at chopping, hauling, and stacking wood; fixing fences; bailing and stacking hay; gardening; painting; yard work; and visiting the elderly. The Appalachia Catholic Worker serves local people while attempting to address both the causes and effects of poverty in the region. Students are immersed in Appalachia, learning about the beauty of the land, its culture and customs, through the mountain people who know it and express it best. 

    The Catholic Worker's unique service program includes much more than just the swinging of hammers. Through hard work, simple living, a trip to coal country, social analysis, and evening reflections students will be experiencing “a faith that does justice” first hand. The Appalachian Catholic Worker invites students to step out of their comfort zones, to break down stereotypes, and work to build community among the local people, as well as within the group. As Jeannie (the leader of the Farm) says, “This is a comfortable place to wrestle with uncomfortable things.” 



    "This has been a capstone of my time at SU, and I will carry the hollers of West Virginia and their beautiful people in my heart for a long time. Their hospitality and pride has truly ignited a curiosity and willingness to live deeper and fuller in my communities."  -Jacqueline Shrader   


    For more information,  please contact Jimmy McCarty at or 206-296-6079.