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Faith Formation

Becoming Catholic

  • Every year a handful of students have an experience with God and faith that inspires them to become part of the Catholic Church. 


    How do I become Catholic? 

     If you are you thinking of becoming Roman Catholic and you want a place to explore that option this is the place for you! The process of becoming Catholic is Called R.C.I.A.

     In RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) you have a chance to explore the Catholic  faith, go deeper into understanding of yourself and God, and learn to let the Holy Spirit live through your life.

    Through weekly meeting, day retreats, and Sunday rituals  you will explore, participate, and prepare to join the Catholic Church community.

      How do I become Catholic?

    Contact Rachel Doll O'Mahoney, (dollomar@seattleu.edu) to join RCIA. Our group begins meeting each fall, but you can sign up for the following year any time!


    Do I have to become Catholic if I start this?    

    No. You can drop at anytime. You can change your mind. This is a big decision so your careful discernment is really important!

    I just want to learn about the Church can I  be in this group?  

    That depends on what you want to learn and why.  So meet with Rachel in Campus ministry to learn more.

    I don’t know the Catholic lingo. Help!  

    You’ll learn it. And before you know it you will know a lot more about being Catholic than most Catholics.

    How much does it cost?

    It's free.

     When do we meet?  

    We will meet on Sunday afternoons (12:30-2) and on during the Winter Quarter we attend mass together at the 8pm or the 11am (depending on the group preference)  

     How do I sign up?  

     Email or Call Rachel Doll O’Mahoney