Campus Ministry
Faith Formation
  • Being involved  faith, religion or spirituality is important for many of us!  


     At Seattle University Campus Ministry we welcome people of all faiths to explore their own tradition or delve into other traditions. Be assured that whatever your perspective from devout to spiritual but not religious we want to know you, and we have options for you to explore and grow in your faith.

    If you If you are interested in exploring Catholic Faith, becoming Catholic or in receiving the Catholic Sacrament of Confirmation, you've come to the right place! Please contact Rachel Doll O'Mahoney ( by email or phone (206) 296-5585) for more information!

    If you are a Christian Protestant or Christian Non-Catholic and are interested in Bible Study, Faith sharing, and Christian worship please contact Tad Monroe to get involved or take a look at some of your options here.

    For explorations in Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism and more please be in touch with Tad Monroe ( or take a look at our offerings here!

    Spiritual Consultation and Pastoral Care provide a chance for individual exploration in a one-on-one confidential setting with a Campus Minister experienced in the art of assisting others with personal and spiritual growth. Please drop by campus ministry or make an appointment with any Campus Minister. For more information, please contact Marilyn Nash, Campus Minister for Ignatian Spirituality, at (206) 296-2267.