College of Arts and Sciences

Entrance Reviews

  • Theatre Entrance  Reviews:

    Entry into the Theatre major is contingent upon an Entrance Review.  Note: that if you have your Entrance Review before being accepted into Seattle University, your acceptance into the major is contingent upon your acceptance into Seattle University,

    Upcoming Theatre Entrance Review Dates:

    Entrance Reviews are generally held on Mondays at 4 p.m. or by arrangement.

    To arrange an entrance review, complete the entrance review form.

    Entrance Review Guidelines

    We recognize that theatre makers emerge from a variety of backgrounds. Therefore, we want to get to know you as a person. For this review process, we ask that you prepare a 3 – 5 minute presentation that highlights your interests and passions as they relate to theatre. Keep in mind that this is an Entrance Review for an academic program – we are interested in your critical and creative thinking as well as the level of your abilities and skills.

    There are many ways you may communicate your talents or interests to us. For example, your 3 – 5 minutes of Performance/Presentation could include:

    • Monologue
    • Song
    • Dance/movement piece
    • Playing an instrument
    • Spoken word
    • Story of your life in a nutshell
    • Portfolio
    • Visual art samples (painting, drawing, printmaking)
    • Sketch book, sketches
    • Reading of creative writing – poetry, stories, plays
    • Film/video
    • Recording of a song you’ve written
    • Drafting work
    • The prom dress you designed and made

    You can divide your 5 minutes in any way you want, e.g. a monologue and a portfolio review. Be prepared to answer questions following your presentation.

     Bring all work samples with you: we do not accept work prior to the Review.

    Tell us in advance if you need any special equipment for your Review.

    Scheduling an Review

    To arrange an entrance review, complete the entrance review form

    Say when you will be in Seattle, if you’d like to sit in on a class, see a rehearsal or show (if we are running) or tour our theater. Most Entrance Reviews are conducted on Monday afternoons at 4pm, however with prior notice we can accommodate other days and times.


    I’m a current SU student interested in majoring in Theatre. Do I need to do an Entrance Review?
    Yes. Current SU students are also required to do an Entrance Review for entry into the major.

    How do I schedule an Entrance Review?
    Reviews can also be conducted when and if you plan a campus visit. For the most part, Reviews cannot happen on weekends.

    If I can’t make one of the scheduled review times, can I still do an Entrance Review? I’m already planning a visit to campus – how can I set up a review?
    We usually do reviews on Mondays at 4pm, however we can be flexible.

    If I cannot visit Seattle University for an Entrance Review, can I still apply to the Theatre program?
    At this time, we only conduct Entrance Reviews on campus. You can still apply to Seattle University but your entrance into the Theatre major will be contingent upon doing the Entrance Review.

    Who will be reviewing me?
    You will be reviewed by one or more of the following Theatre faculty:
    Harmony Arnold, Associate Professor, Costume Design
    Robert Boehler, Technical Director and Production Manager
    Shawn Ketchum Johnson, Instructor, Scenic Design
    Ki Gottberg, Professor, Acting & Playwriting
    Dominic CodyKramers, Instructor, Sound Design
    Rosa Joshi, Associate Professor, Directing


    Do I have to use the whole 5 minutes?
    No. We ask that you prepare 3 – 5 minutes. You do not have to fill the whole 5 minutes.

    Can I do more than one kind of presentation?
    Yes. The format of the presentation is up to you. Examples of ways you can format your presentation include:
    • show samples of your drawings and perform monologue
    • show a short film and a portfolio
    • perform a monologue and sing a song
    • perform two contrasting monologues

    Can I bring my own equipment?
    Let us know, with plenty of lead time, if you need any special equipment for your presentation. We have rehearsal blocks, music stand, and other such equipment readily available. You can bring your own laptop.

    Can I submit materials prior to my review?
    No. Please bring all materials with you to your review.