College of Arts and Sciences
Strategic Communications

Program Summary

  • Strategic Communications is a professionally oriented major that converges public relations with reputation management and brand communications. Special emphasis is placed on preparing students to lead projects for social change in their communities. The major is complemented by the Center for Strategic Communications, which oversees a student-run consultancy committed to helping values-driven organizations. Members of the student agency engage and service real world clients to achieve specific communication goals. Graduates from this major go on to careers in both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations.

    All majors are required to take 15 credits of communication foundation courses:

    CMJR 205: Rhetorical Foundations of Communication

    CMJR 225: Social Foundations of Communication

    CMJR 245: Media Foundations of Communication

    Students are required to take an additional 50 credits in the Strategic Communications track.

    Courses open to Communication students fall into these categories:

    • Social interaction, including organizational, interpersonal, and intercultural communication
    • Digital communication, including new media and video games
    • Rhetorical studies, including rhetorical reasoning, public speaking, persuasion, and communication rights and law
    • Journalism reporting/writing, including media writing, investigative information gathering, and international affairs reporting
    • Digital journalism/media production, including writing for digital/online media,graphic communication, and digital production
    • Strategic communication, including public affairs, strategic communicaiton writing, and persuasive writing
    • Media studies history and criticism, including critical analysis of digital communication, international cinema, documentary film, and video games, communication and culture
    • International/intercultural communication and media, including international affairs reporting, global strategic communications, and Africa and communication.
    • Internships/practicums
    • Service learning

    A complete listing of courses and details are in the academic catalog. 

    The Communication Department also offers opportunities for students to study abroad in India and to participate in an off-campus program in Hollywood.