College of Arts and Sciences
Sport and Exercise Science


  • Will credits I earned at other colleges transfer to the SU program? 

    Credit evaluations are the responsibility of the registrar with regard to the Core curriculum and SU graduation.  Credit evaluations of exercise science courses are the Department’s responsibility.  We usually accept any course with a reasonable similarity. 

    What will my schedule look like at Seattle University
    Go to the Program Summary section on our website to find information on offerings and schedules.

    How competitive are admissions to Seattle University?
    You will need to have a substantive GPA and good references.  Admission into SPEX program is not difficult, exiting is.  We do not accept grades below a C and any such grade will require repeating the course.

    Who is my Advisor? 
    SPEX advisor and Program Director is Eric Dugan, Ph.D.

    What should I do if I have problems with registration?

    If you are having problems with registration please email Rose Kaser or call (206) 398-4610  

    Where is the Human Performance Lab located? 

    The Lab is located in the Hunthausen Building, Room 090.

    What should I do if I need to submit a form for registration, verification or any other academic issue?

    Please contact Rose Kaser. Do not print the form and submit it to the registrar’s without department approval which will delay or void the form.  In doubt, please send an email to we will help you with the process.

    I am planning on starting an internship, what should I do?

    If you have met with your advisor and secured an internship position, you can register for 1-5 credits of SPEX 4950.  Internship registration is done manually by the Registrar and cannot be registered via SU Online. You must submit a form to be approved and signed by your advisor along with an internship contract and risk assessment form.  Once all your paperwork is completed you can drop it at the Center for the Study of Sport and Exercise mailbox in Hunthausen 090 or email it to Rose Kaser.  

    Does the Office of the Registrar have a FAQ site?

    Yes they do Make sure to contact Rose Kaser if you cannot find an answer to the questions you have.

    Where can I check my class schedule or program evaluation?
    Login to SU Online using your SU ID and password. 

    Is there a website where I can check academic policies?


    How many courses and credits are involved in the Core Curriculum?

    The Core Curriculum includes 15 courses that total 71-75 credits. 

    Is the Core Curriculum required of all students?

    The vast majority of SU students are required to complete the Core Curriculum. The exceptions are students enrolled in the Matteo Ricci College or in University Honors. These programs have their own sets of required courses. See their information for details.

    Where do I go to obtain more information about the Core requirements I need to complete?

    Your academic advisor is your best source of information. You should also review the description of your major in the Bulletin of Information. In addition, the “program evaluation” function in SUOnline gives you a customized list of courses that are required for your major. You can also use this function to see how a change of major would alter your Core requirements.  

    What if the Core classes I want to take are full and I can’t register for them?

    First, have options in mind when you go on line to register. There are many sections of Core courses. You may not get your first choice of section or time or professor, but there are other alternatives. Have a backup plan in mind before you register. Second, visit the Core Solution Center. The Center operates for limited periods of time during the pre-registration and drop/add periods in the lobby of Bellarmine Hall. The staff of the Center may be able to get you into a section that is listed on line as being closed. Please attempt to register yourself before visiting the Center.

    Who can I talk to if I have questions or concerns about the Core?

    Your first contact should be your academic advisor. Advisors understand the Core and are familiar with the specific requirements in your area. They also can help you with issues regarding university policies. If you have questions or concerns about a Core course you are taking, please talk directly with the faculty member teaching that course. 

    What to do if you tried to register for a class in Sciece and Engineering (MATH, BIOL, CHEM) and it was closed? 
    Please click here to find how what to do in case you need to registerd for a closed BIOL, CHEM or MATH class