• We are very proud of our graduates who have attended prestigious graduate schools, accepted employment with agencies both locally and globally and have been involved in politics, social welfare policy formation, education, management and direct service. We value the knowledge and experience of our alumni who are active in various Program activities. They participate on the Program Advisory Committee and the Practicum Advisory Board, as well as are invited guest speakers in the classroom, participate in trainings and are Practicum Instructors for current students.

    The social work alumni chapter met in November 2007 and elected officers for this next term. The officers are:

    • Co-Chairs Don Gerke ('04) and Jennifer Marshall ('04),
    • Secretary Ryann Davitian ('04)
    • Events Coordinator Cecilia Parrish ('03)
    • Development Officer Rion Tisino ('03)
    • Community Liaison Jenn Stout ('05).

    If you are an alumni, we invite you to become a member of our facebook group, SU SW Alumni. If you wish to be more involved in the social work chapter of alumni or be more involved in other activities, you can contact the University Alumni office at

    To join the Magis: Alumni Committed to Mission email list to recieve event and retreat information visit:

    Alumni Update

    Kent, AAmelia Kent, BSW Alumni, Published in Democracy Chronicles

    Amelia Kent, BSW is currently serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in Cebu City, Philippines. Amelia works with victims of sex trafficking and prostitution at an agency that does outreach, provides shelter services, job readiness programs and conducts advocacy and HIV/AIDS education in the community. Amelia is a dedicated advocate for democracy and social justice. She hopes to continue fighting for human rights and equality through direct service, and writing about her experiences from abroad in what Peace Corps calls, “The hardest job you’ll ever love.” You can read more about Amelia’s Peace Corps experience on her blog:

    The Inconvenience of Homelessness in America - Featured in Democracy Chronicles