Public Affairs
  • Bachelor of Arts in Public Affairs

    Degrees offered: BA, minor

    The major and minor in public affairs welcomes students interested in the areas of policy-making, planning, civic engagement, and advocacy working in local, state, and federal government or the nonprofit sector. 

    Coursework in public affairs encourages students to explore diverse perspectives, apply problem-solving skills, and engage in practical experiences that enable graduates to undertake important leadership responsibilities and challenging work in the public and nonprofit sectors. 

    "The public affairs major at Seattle University emphasizes public service with a focus on social justice." - Public Affairs student

    Public Affairs students will:

    • Develop the perspectives, skills, and abilities necessary to make a difference in the public and nonprofit sector.
    • Learn about public policy, program evaluation, organizational leadership, financial management, and research methods.
    • Choose a policy pathway in an area of particular interest including:
      • Urban Planning
      • Nonprofit Leadership
      • International Studies (study abroad options are available)
      • or design your own policy pathway
    • Undertake an internship experience with a public or nonprofit organization to develop your professional skills, apply your classroom studies to the "real world," and create networks and contacts for future employment.
    • Utilize academic service-learning to explore a real policy issue or management problem a government or nonprofit agency is experiencing.