College of Arts and Sciences
Master of Sport Administration and Leadership

Course Offerings

  • Typical yearly course offerings by quarter

    Summer Intersession

    • SADL 5000  Research Methods in Sport Management (required)    


    • SADL 5020 Social-cultural Basis for Sport (required)
    • SADL 5110 Sport Philosophy and Ethics (elective)
    • SADL 5070 Sports Media, Social Networking and Brand Communication (elective)
    • SADL 5170 Measurement and Evaluation in Sport Management (required)
    • SADL 5950 Internship (elective)


    • SADL 5120 Developing Leadership in Sport (required)
    • SADL 5040 Legal Issues in Sport (required)
    • SADL 5140 Sport Consumer Behavior (elective)
    • SADL 5100 Managing Human Resources in Sport Organizations (elective)
    • SADL 5160 Sport Promotion and Sponsorship (elective)
    • SADL 5180 Sport Event Planning (1 credit elective)
    • SADL 5190 Sport Event Design (2 credit elective)
    • SADL 5950 Internship (elective)


    • SADL 5050 Financing Sport Organizations (elective)
    • SADL 5060 Strategic Marketing for Sport Organizations (elective)
    • SADL 5150 Sport Organizations – A Systems Perspective (elective)
    • SADL 5080 Sport Operations and Event Management (elective)
    • SADL 5990 Project and Colloquium – Research Option (required or 5890)
    • SADL 5890 Project and Colloquium – Applied Inquiry Option (required or 5990)
    • SADL 5200 Sport Business Introduction to Sustainability (elective)
    • SADL 5950 Internship (elective) 


    • SADL 5950 Internship (elective)

    Organization of classes 

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  • Testimonial

    "The SeattleU MSAL program, whose values and mission align with my own, was instrumental in providing me a tangible and philosophical foundation upon which to advance my career, providing opportunities to apply classroom knowledge gleaned from industry professionals, with real world internship experience."   

    William T. Peck, II
    MSAL 2012  
    Ticket Services and CRM Manager 
    University of Washington, Department of Intercollegiate Athletics