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Master of Public Administration

Research for Development Graduate Program

  • The Research for Development Graduate Program (RDGP) is a three quarter academic program open to all interdisciplinary graduate students. The goal of the program is to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of qualitative research methods and the application of these methods by non-governmental organizations (NGOs) for international development endeavors.  

    Spring quarter, RGDP students will register for PUBM 593 – Research Methods for Development. PUBM 593 is a project based participatory methods course giving students the opportunity to design a research project.

    Summer quarter, students will register for PUBM 595 – Research for Development Internship. PUBM 595 allows students to implement their research project over a six week period in July and August with a non-governmental organization (NGO) in a developing country. 

    Fall quarter, students will register for PUBM 591 – Research Consortium in Special Topics. PUBM 591 will require students to write and present a professional paper on their research project.

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    Janet Quillian, Dr. PH, Associate Professor 
    Seattle University-Provost Office 
    Director of International Development Internship Program 
    & Research for Development Graduate Program 
    Phone: (206) 296-2683
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