College of Arts and Sciences
Master of Arts in Psychology

Psychology for the Other Seminar

  • Sacred Interruption: The Ongoing Search for the Face in Research, Psychotherapy, and Practice


    Seattle University
    November 7-9, 2014

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    Abstracts are due by 8/13/14.


    “The freedom that can be ashamed of itself founds truth.”
    Levinas, 1961/1969


    “What I really dislike in myself is when I cannot hear the other person because I am so sure in advance of what he is about to say that I don’t listen… when I catch myself trying to twist his message… It is only when I realize through his protest or through my own gradual recognition that I am subtly manipulating him that I become disgusted with myself.”
    Carl Rogers, 1970


    Dr. Gilbert Garza, Associate Professor and Chair of Psychology at the University of Dallas  

    Levinas teaches us that we are each radically separate, and that the Other stands above us and teaches us from an unfathomable dimension of height. As proof of our separation, Levinas normalizes our “living from” the world and the “coiling” of our inherent movement towards ourselves in enjoyment. It is because I can be immersed in the movement of this “coiling” in enjoyment and sensibility that I am also capable of being interrupted in this movement by the Face of the Other, who cannot be consumed or incorporated by me. In these moments, we are surprised with the surplus and the excess of the Other, who resists my totalization and my meanings and “founds truth.” 

    In the modern world, we are surrounded by meanings and symbols that lay significant claims to our time and attention, leaving us aching for connection, hungry for sacred interruption. Technology and modes of communication paradoxically collapse global distances while exposing us to feelings of estrangement from one another. Our distracted concerns with the past and the future often alienate us from the present. In this year’s seminar, we invite you to consider the modern dilemmas and contexts of our separation from each other in the “coiling” of enjoyment. How can our practices of research, psychotherapy, and day-to-day living lead to increased opportunities for sacred interruption by the Face of the Other? How can we continue to cultivate the ongoing search for mystery in the radical alterity of the Face? 

    This year, we are pleased to welcome as our keynote speaker Dr. Gilbert Garza, Associate Professor and Chair of Psychology at the University of Dallas. His interest in psychological research rooted in the phenomenological philosophy of Husserl, Heidegger, and Merleau-Ponty was decisive in his pursuit of an M.A. (1989) and ultimately a Ph.D. (1996) in phenomenological psychology at Duquesne University. Professor Garza has authored several articles on phenomenological research methods in psychology, as well as on technology and its impact on human experience. His recent research has centered on the role of the Internet (specifically, of social networking sites like Facebook) in social experience. He has also written about and taught the ethical philosophy of Levinas and its practical and theoretical implications for phenomenological psychological research.

    For more information, contact Claire LeBeau ( or George Kunz (
    Levinas Seminar Organizing Committee for 2014: George Kunz, Claire LeBeau, Kristin Beck, Molly Cvetovac, Sean Duncan, Katherine Enos, Lejla Madfai, Jason Summers.


    Initial Schedule of the 2014 Psychology for the Other Seminar

    Fri. Nov. 7th  5:00 -9:00pm – STCN 130

    5:00 – 6:30 – Reception – Pizza and Wine

    6:30 – 7:30 – Second Year Student Levinas Panel – Leo Kiralla, Lucas Trout, Katherine Enos, Sam Kennedy, Jason, Angela

    7:30 – 8:15 – Research Presentation – Leo Kiralla – Levinas and Pedagogy: Thinking through a new paradigm shift towards “student-centered” education.

    8:15 – 9:00 – Research Presentation – Lucas Trout – Toward an Ethnographic Psychology and a more Loving Model for Research


    Sat. Nov. 8th –  Casey Commons


    8:45. – 9:00 - Claire LeBeau will welcome and introduce Keynote


    1st session.   9:00—10:10: Keynote - Gilbert Garza – Standing and Falling: Exploring the Rupture’s Impact on a Phenomenological Perspective


    Break 10:10—10:20:


     2nd session.   10:20—11:05:– Eric Severson - Beyond Protagony: Levinas, Psychology and Self-Narration


    Break  11:05—11:15:


    3rd session   11:15—12:00: Cynthia Engel and Claire LeBeau – Sacred Interruption, Resistance, and Sleepy Response:  The literal Call of the Other, a baby, in the middle of the                                    night and a parent’s struggle to respond.

    Break 12:00—12:10


    4th  session  12:10—12:55: Joanne Dorpat Halverson – A Humble Brilliance


    Lunch  12:55—1:50


     5th session. 1:50—2:35:  George Kunz and Gilbert Garza Moderated Discussion – Contributions, Challenges, and Contrasts: Bringing Heidegger and Levinas into conversation about research  

    Break 2:35—2:45


    6th session. 2:45—3:30: Brittany Landrum – Encountering the Rabbit as Other: Exploring Levinas’ Rupture

    Break 3:30—3:40


    7th session. 3:40—4:25: Shannon Solie –  Opening Heart and Self to the Other: An Experiential Story from the Therapy Room 


    Break  4:25—4:35


    8th session. 4:35—5:20:  Erica Freeman Need is Not a Lack: Levinas in the Role of Eating in the Ethical Adventure

    Break 5:20 – 5:30

    9th session. 5:30 – 6:15 – Ryan Mest – Echoes of Epicurus: The early Levinas.


    Gala Banquet Dinner. Casey Commons 7:00—9:00

    Sunday Nov. 9th – Casey Commons

    10th session. 9:00—9:45: Joe Guppy – “My Fluorescent God” presentation and discussion. 

    Break  9:45—9:55

    11th session. 9:55—10:40: Ed Durgan - Psychotherapy and solidarity with the vulnerable other: from sacred interruption to global liberation


    Break  10:40—10:50

    12th session.  10:50—11:35:  Laurent Turgeon-Dharmoo  - A Study of Case and a Case Study

    Break 11:35—11:45

    13th session.  11:45—12:30: Jillian Hart, Marvin McDonald, Jehan White – We-ness and Couples: A      shift to becoming more fully human.

    Lunch 12:30—1:30

    14th session. 1:30—2:15: Paul Johnson – Whispering Around Silence: Finding Gestures of Acceptance as a New Therapist

    Break 2:15—2:25

    15th session.  2:25—3:10  Jeff Grant – I can hear you thinking: Listening and “uncoiling” through Aesthetic Contact in Teletherapy  

    Break 3:10—3:20

    16th session.  3:20—4:05 – Yehuda Rapoport and Rodrigo Reyes – Faith and Loneliness: A journey towards community

    Closing - Open Session.  4:05