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    International Human Science Research Conference Newsletter

    Published by the Department of Psychology, Seattle University, 901 12th Avenue, Seattle, WA 98122-1090, U.S.A

    Steen Halling, Ph.D. Phone: (206) 296-5392 Fax: (206) 296-2141

    Copy Editor
    Angela Fernandes

    2014 Newsletter

    Table of Contents

    • Editorial
    • Report on the 2014 Conference and business meeting, St. Francis Xavier University, Nova Scotia, Canada  
    • Information on the 2014 Conference, St. Francis Xavier University, Nova Scotia, Canada
    • Information about the 2015 Conference, Sor-Trondelag University College, Trondheim, Norway
    • 2016 Conference, University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Canada
    • Looking for a host for the 2017 Conference in Europe
    • IHSR Conference Archives at the Seattle University Library 
    • Call for papers on creativity
    • Book, Journal, and Conference Notes 
    • Links/Connections 
    • Guidelines for Conference Organizers
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