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Giving Voice to Experience

  • Ninth Annual Giving Voice to Experience Conference

    Enriching the Practice of Psychotherapy Through Qualitative Research

    Saturday, January 30th, 2016 9:00am-5:00pm

    Seattle University, Casey Commons (5th floor of Casey Building)

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    Abstract deadline is Dec 1st, 2015 Click here for submission guidelines.

    The keynote speaker will be Dr. Leyla Welkins, a cross cultural psychotherapist, consultant and educator. Born in Turkey, she was educated primarily in the United States.  After working 25 years as a clinician and a university teacher in the Pacific Northwest, she founded the Pomegranate Connection Program in Ankara, Turkey in 2008.  She partnered with organizations in Turkey, the United States and the United Kingdom to conduct research, provide training and consultation, and developed programs to address gender based violence.  She has worked with civil society organizations, government agencies, universities, private companies and the United Nations. During 2013 and 2014 she developed programs to prevent and intervene in sexual and family violence among Syrian refugees living in Turkey with the United Nations Population Fund. She returned to the Pacific Northwest in 2015 and provides psychotherapy and cross-cultural consultation in the Seattle area. 

    Her publications in Turkish and English include a Psychosocial Support manual prepared for the United Nations Population Fund to serve Syrians and Turkish people in Turkey dealing with the consequences of violence.  She has also published a book in Turkish and English titled True Friend that is a self help guide and a guide for people who want to be helpful to women survivors of sexual abuse.  She has also published scholarly articles and book chapters focused on culture and cross-cultural issues in prevention and intervention in gender based violence.

    Dr. Welkins (medium)1
    Dr. Leyla Welkins

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