College of Arts and Sciences
Master of Arts in Psychology

Giving Voice to Experience

  • Saturday, April 25, 2015, 9am – 5pm

    Seattle University, Casey Commons (5th floor of Casey Building)

    Registration Deadline is Friday, April 17, 2015 (postmarked). 

    The deadline for abstracts has already passed. Presenters must register by April 9th.

    Download registration form.

    This one day conference features phenomenological and other forms of qualitative research that have implications for therapeutic practice. You are invited to submit an abstract of 200-250 words in length (by Monday, February 16, 2015) if you have research you want to present. Registration deadline is April 9 for presenters and April 17 for participants.

    This conference showcases phenomenological and other forms of qualitative research in a forum of learning and dialogue. Those working in the field of mental health, education, and psychology, as well as graduate students from Seattle University and other programs are invited to attend. We believe that therapists can greatly benefit from qualitative research that gives us a deeper understanding of various human experiences, such as despair, living with back pain, and having difficult conversations about money.

    This year we will have a special event as part of the conference: 
    Beverly Naidus, artist and faculty member at University of Washington, Tacoma will give an interactive presentation on art as a tool for speaking about diversity of human experiences as well as social change. Born in Salem, Massachusetts in 1953, to two New Yorkers, Beverly Naidus grew up in the Northeast. She received a BA from Carleton College and an MFA from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. Early recognition in the New York City art world offered her many opportunities to exhibit her interactive installations and digital art projects in diverse venues, including mainstream museums and city streets. Inspired by lived experience, topics in her artwork include environmental illness, global warming, unemployment, the alienation of consumer culture, nuclear nightmares, body hate, celebrating cultural identity, confronting racism and anti-Semitism, and envisioning utopia and global justice.   
    Abstract Submission Directions:

    All submissions will be evaluated by the conference planning committee. Criteria for selection:
    1. As indicated above, the presentation has to be based on qualitative data. 
    2. The abstract will also be evaluated on the basis of its coherence and clarity.
    3. It should fall within the orientations described, above. 
    4. Presentations that are primarily theoretical or based on clients’ cases will not be accepted.
    5. Presentations with multiple authors are welcome.
    6. All research topics are welcome.
    7. The presentation should address both method and findings, but presenters are welcome to place the emphasis as they see fit. 
    8. Briefly point to the therapeutic relevance of your research. 
    9. Make sure you state your affiliation next to your name (e.g., graduate student in psychology at University of Connecticut). 


    Those submitting will receive notice of the committee’s decision by the end of March. Presenters have to register for the conference by April 9, 2015 to have their paper included on the conference program. 

    At the end of the abstract, please specify what your audio/visual needs may be. Please email your abstract to Steen Halling at
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