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Liberal Studies

Student E-Portfolios

  • The Electronic Portfolio is established by majors in their first course and maintained through graduation. It is a vehicle for articulating a developing perspective within the interdisciplinary scholarship of the Liberal Studies major.

    Majors gather accomplishments and reflect on them as they progress toward academic, personal, and vocational discernment. They can invite others to view the e-portfolio, such as potential employers, friends and family. For students interested in a career in K-8 education, the e-portfolio can become a teaching portfolio, long recognized as a valuable tool in teacher education.

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  • What can I do with a
    Liberal Studies Degree?

    Emily Cohen, HARVARD Divinity School; Nathan Wheeler, 4th grade TEACHER; Chris Holway, YAHOO!; Anna Roberds, MIT at STANFORD; Anneke Meulblok, NON-PROFIT; Bryan Dalton, WA State COUNSELOR; Sara Stockett, EFELLE MEDIA.

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    Declaring a Major in
    Liberal Studies

    It’s simple! Come to the Liberal Studies Program (Casey 4th Floor) and complete a form declaring your major in Liberal Studies. You will be assigned a faculty advisor right away. And you will be encouraged to meet Dr. Sven Arvidson, Director of Liberal Studies.

    Student Leadership Council 2014-15

     Taylor Barkee '15,
     Robin Curry '15,
     Danae Hackett '15
     Jennifer Hurst '15