College of Arts and Sciences
Film Studies

Learning Outcomes

  • Film Studies students should be able to:

    • Demonstrate knowledge of the historical and technological development of film as an art form and a cultural product.
    • Demonstrate knowledge of filmmaking as a craft and a collaborative process.
    • Demonstrate in critical essays and oral presentations, an ability to analyze, interpret, and critique films, both professional and non-professional, from a variety of theoretical perspectives, using the critical vocabulary and methodologies of the discipline.
    • Demonstrate knowledge of international cinemas both as a means of contextualizing film history globally and of deepening understanding of other cultures and peoples.
    • Demonstrate in both study and practice the commitment of film as an art form to community engagement and issues of social justice.
    • Demonstrate preparation for professional work and/or graduate study via a portfolio record and evaluation of academic work, digital films, internships, and employment, in visual media.