College of Arts and Sciences

William Taylor, MA

  • William Taylor, MA
    MA, English Literature
    Professor Emeritus, English

    Teaching and Research Interests


    Interests: Shakespeare; Japanese Drama and Culture; Modern Drama; Modernism in Art and Literature; Film; Romantic poetry.

    Current and Recent Courses: Honors Seminar: Renaissance Lit; Japanese Drama; Poetry of G.M. Hopkins; Shakespeare in Performance; Composition: Language and the Arts (MRC).

    Film Courses: Art of the Film, Film Directors, Japanese Film, Film Adaptations.

    Dream or Future Courses: Tragic Failure and Redemption: King Lear and the Winter's Tale; Japan and the West; Clashing Cultures in Film.
    BS in chemistry, SU, 1956;
    MA in English, Univ. of Washington, 1966