College of Arts and Sciences

Wilson Edward Reed, PhD

  • Wilson Edward Reed, PhD
    PhD, Politcal Science
    Adjunct Professor, Criminal Justice
    Associate Appointment, Global African Studies
    Phone: 206-296-5404
    Building/Room: Casey 119



    Wilson Edward Reed was born and raised in Vicksburg, Mississippi on a family farm; was educated and trained in segregated school systems in a close knit rural community. He moved to Seattle to be near family and friends, and graduated from the University of Washington with a BA and a MA in Political Science. Also, he earned a Masters degree in Criminal Justice from the State University of New York-Albany (The Nelson Rockefeller School of Public Affairs and Policy). In 1995 he earned a Ph.D. in Political Science at Northern Arizona University.

    Recently, Dr. Reed was selected to serve on the King County Sheriff Department’s Blue Ribbon Committee, a panel of experts formed to look into misconduct allegations and made policy recommendations to the King County Council and Executive of the County.

    Dr. Reed has taught at colleges and universities in the northwest, northeast, and southwest regions of the U.S. His book “The Politics of Community Policing: The Case of Seattle (published in 1999),” is considered the leading review of the subject in law enforcement. He has used his book for the course “Policing Seattle” which he helped to develop.

    He recently published an article about Women and Black police officers in the Seattle Police department and completed a chapter on Bill Cosby and poor African Americans in the Criminal Justice System. He frequently lectures in the Seattle area on policing youth, diversity issues, poverty in America, and domestic violence.

    He presently teaches in the Matteo Ricci College, advises students in student development, teaches in global African studies, at Seattle University and has served as a Criminal Justice Consultant at the Department of Social Health Services.