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Angela Powell, MA

  • Angela Powell, MA
    MA, Organizational Development
    Adjunct Facutly
    Phone: 206-296-5440
    Building/Room: Casey 2W


    Instigated a school-wide anti-smoking campaign that empowered kids to support their parents in kicking the habit. Since then, she has gained over 20 years of consulting and service experience working with for-impact organizations, and earned her M.A. in Organizational Development from Bastyr University in 2001. As an executive coach, thought partner and consultant Angela Powell, MA has been organizing effective change efforts since the 3rd grade, when she she works with leaders on issues ranging from strategic planning and research design, to organizational culture change and team development.

    Teaching and Research Interests
    Angela is fascinated with how people and organizations navigate the nuances of quickly changing environments, including:
    •    The science of and approaches to staying curious, connected and effective in times of uncertainty;
    •    Creating cross-disciplinary responses to seemingly intractable problems;
    •    The role of beginner’s mind and vulnerability in developing effective strategy; and
    •    Using art and design principles in the creation of strategy.