College of Arts and Sciences

Shannon Meyer, PhD

  • Shannon Meyer, PhD
    PhD, Clinical/Forensic Psychology
    Adjunct Professor, Criminal Justice
    Phone: 206-296-5480
    Building/Room: Casey



    Since 1986, Dr. Meyer has worked in the field of violence and victimization, with specific empirical and clinical expertise in physical and sexual violence against intimate partners.

    Dr. Meyer has worked with over 5,000 court-mandated domestic abusers and has conducted research regarding the social, psychological, and attitudinal correlates of men’s physical and sexual violence against partners. Dr. Meyer has also worked extensively with victims of violence, including advanced training in the phenomenology, assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of PTSD.

    Dr. Meyer is considered a Subject Matter Expert and has served as a consultant to District, Superior, and Supreme Courts in New York and Washington State on cases involving sexual assault, domestic violence, and spousal murder.

    Dr. Meyer frequently conducts trainings at the local, state, national and international levels. She has held numerous university appointments, is a Certified F.B.I. Instructor, and a Certified General Police Instructor. Dr. Meyer regularly instructs law enforcement on enhancing the effectiveness of domestic violence and sexual assault investigations, domestic violence risk assessment, violent offenders, victimology, and hostage negotiation.