College of Arts and Sciences

Kevin Krycka, PsyD

  • Kevin Krycka, PsyD
    PsyD, Clinical Psychology
    Graduate Program Director, Master of Arts in Psychology
    Professor, Psychology
    Phone: 206-296-5398
    Building/Room: Casey 323E


    Teaching and Research Interests

    Courses Taught:

    Experiential Theory & Practice, Therapeutic Communication, Self-Psychology, Practicum Supervision, Abnormal Psychology, Theories of Personality Development, Introduction to Psychology.

    Current Research:

    Immediacy Model for Qualitative Research, A Process Model for Peace Building, Psychological Aspects of dissociation.

    Other Research Areas:

    Creation of Meaning in Illness and Health, Focusing, Experience of Hope, and Sexual Minorities


    Dr. Krycka received his PsyD from the Illinois School of Professional Psychology in 1988. He is currently the Director of the Master of Arts in Psychology program. Prior to joining Seattle University in 1989, Dr. Krycka served as a Doctoral Advisor at the Union Institute, Cincinnati, Ohio, and as an Expert Outside Methodologist in Qualitative Research at the Institute for Transpersonal Studies.

    Special Interest Areas

    Experiential phenomenological theory and practice (Gendlin, Focusing and Thinking at the Edge [TAE]), the person of the therapist in psychotherapy, clinical supervision, phenomenological research, and psychopathology; issues facing sexual minorities; theoretical and practical application of a process model for consciousness, mind-body awareness, social change.

    Statement on the Philosophical Foundations of Psychology

    We are multi-faceted and multi-dimensional beings.  The complexity of human experience demands that we develop concepts and theories about existence from experiencing.  The meanings we ascribe to our experience and our reflections upon life itself are the nexus of what makes us human. Psychology as a distinctly human science, should enjoin us to search, to explore, to sufficiently expand our beliefs and research practices so as to embrace the broad scope of human experience.

    Recent Publications

    Krycka, K.  (2010 June).  Multiplicity:  A 1st person exploration of dissociative experiencing.  In C. Purton, Person-Centered and Experiential Psychotherapies.  9(2), 143-156).

    Krycka, K.  (2009).  Levinas & Gendlin:  Joint contributions for a 1st person approach to understanding difficult situations in the mid-East.  Existential Analysis 20(1), 94-108.

    Krycka, K.  (2008).  The Nature of our exceeding.  In B. Jaison and P. Nowak (Eds.) The Folio.  21(1), 93-105.

    Krycka, K.  (2007).  Integrity inside and outside: How personal integrity can spark the moral imagination for peace.  Human Development, 8(3), 36-41.

    Krycka, K.  (2006).  Thinking at the edge: Where theory and practice meet to create fresh understandings.  Journal of Indo-Pacific Phenomenology.  6, 1-10.  Special Methodology Edition.