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Burt Hopkins, PhD

  • Burt Hopkins, PhD
    PhD, Philosophy
    Professor, Philosophy
    Phone: 206-296-5469
    Building/Room: Casey 427


    Teaching and Research Interests

    Dr. Burt C. Hopkins is Professor of Philosophy at Seattle University. In addition to the courses in the Seattle University Core Curriculum, he teaches in the University Honors Program and has taught  courses on ancient Greek philosophy (including Plato’s so-called “unwritten teachings”), modern philosophy, phenomenology, Heidegger, philosophy and literature, and philosophy and psychology.

    His main research interest is the philosophical foundation of the transformation of knowledge that began in the 16th century with the philosophical advent of modernity. Dr. Hopkins has written three books, most recently The Origin of the Logic of Symbolic Mathematics: Jacob Klein and Edmund Husserl (2011) and The Philosophy of Husserl (2010), and edited two others. He has published over fifty articles and given over seventy lectures on contemporary European philosophy (especially the phenomenology of Edmund Husserl, Martin Heidegger, and Jacob Klein), Plato, early modern philosophy, and philosophy and depth psychology. He is founding co-editor of The New Yearbook for Phenomenology and Phenomenological Philosophy.

    Dr. Hopkins’s current research continues the tradition of transcendental phenomenology and is focused on the critique of symbolic reason.