College of Arts and Sciences

Hazel Hahn, PhD

  • Hazel Hahn, PhD
    PhD, History
    Associate Professor, History
    Associate Appointment, Asian Studies Program, Film Studies, Women and Gender Studies
    Phone: 206-296-5449
    Building/Room: Casey 405


    Teaching and Research Interests

    Film Courses: Film and History


    Hazel Hahn spent her childhood in Seoul, Korea and immigrated to New York with her family in 1979. At Wellesley College she majored in history and spent her Junior year at Oxford University. She received a Ph.D in History at U.C. Berkeley. She is the 2010-12 Pigott-McCone Endowed Chair for promotion of faculty scholarship. She teaches Modern European history with an emphasis on cultural history; European imperialism; Senior Synthesis on historical narrative; Southeast Asian history; film and history; women’s history; and historiography and historical theory. She is the author of Scenes of Parisian Modernity: Culture and Consumption in the Nineteenth Century (2009) and has also published on French and British imperialism and visions of the exotic, travel in Southeast Asia in the nineteenth century, and architectural heritage in Southeast Asia from the colonial period to today. Her book project “Cultures of Travel: Envisioning the World, 1820-1930” treats topics such as Jules Verne’s novels about Asia; Arsène Lupin, a famous fictional French thief-detective; the Prince of Wales’ travel to India and Ceylon in 1875-76 (published in Postcolonial Studies); catastrophic visions of travel in the popular press; telegraphic code books; ethnographic exhibitions; and the phenomenon of travel around the world. She also works on urban planning and urban history in French Indochina. She is also co-editing “Architecturalized Asia,” which approaches “Asia” as a piece of architecture, as a discursive structure and cultural construct, whose spatial and ideological formation can be examined through the lenses of cartography, built environments, and visual narratives.