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Thomas Cramer

  • Thomas Cramer
    Core Lecturer, History
    Phone: 206-296-2587
    Building/Room: Rianna 108


    Tom Cramer specializes in the study of early medieval monasticism and theology, particularly in the relationships between gender and authority as conceived by early medieval theologians. His most recent work examines the ways in which Aldhelmof Malmesbury’s seventh-century treatise, De Virginitate (On Virginity), adapted the views of earlier Christian thinkers such as Augustine and Jerome to meet the needs of the members of double monasteries, in which monks and nuns lived and were ruled by an abbess. This work also deals the dynamics of the gendered debate surrounding double monasteries were deployed for social and political effect. In addition, he is interested in historiographical issues and is working on articles dealing with the ways in which modern historians have utilized medieval history in contemporary discussions ranging from the ordination of deaconesses in the Church of England to the employment of English, German and American medievalists in the propaganda efforts of World War I.