College of Arts and Sciences

Nathan Colaner, PhD

  • Nathan Colaner, PhD
    PhD, Philosophy
    Instructor, Philosophy
    Phone: 206-296-2373
    Building/Room: Pigott 433


    Teaching and Research Interests

    Primary Research Areas  

    Ancient Philosophy, Business Ethics, Ethics, Epistemology

    Selected Recent Research 
    ■ Aristotle on Knowledge of Nature and Modern Skepticism, Rowman and Littlefield Publishing Group, Lexington Books imprint, forthcoming 2013.
    ■ “The Role of Universals in the First Stage of Epagogē,” at the Northwest Ancient Philosophy Society Workshop, September 2012.
    ■ “Aristotle on Human Lives and Human Natures,” History of Philosophy Quarterly, vol. 28, no. 2,July 2012.
    ■ “What is ‘Thought that Thinks Itself’?,” Colloquium Meeting of the Eastern Division of the American Philosophical Association, December 2011.


    Nathan entered the University of Kansas in 2004 after being offered a full time fellowship for graduate study. In early 2011, Nathan defended his dissertation with honors, entitled “Other Than Omniscient: An Interpretation and Defense of Kant’s Rejection of Aristotle’s Notion of Finite Reasoning.” 

    Nathan was a Graduate Teaching Assistant at the University of Kansas for five years, and then the Visiting Assistant Professor of philosophy at Rockhurst University in Kansas City from 2010-2011, before taking an Instructor position at Seattle University in 2011.

    All of Nathan’s research has two ultimate goals: to understand the nature of the limits of (and prospects for) human reason, and to provide a theoretical basis for social justice. He is currently working more on the former objective with a book on Aristotle’s theory of knowledge, arguing that such a theory anticipates and responds to many cases of modern and contemporary skepticism.

    Nathan lives in North Seattle with his wife and three children.