College of Arts and Sciences

Jason Capps, PhD

  • Jason Capps, PhD
    PhD, Sociology
    Lecturer, Sociology
    Associate Appointment, Anthropology, Social Work
    Phone: 206-296-4609
    Building/Room: Rianna 105

    Teaching and Research Interests

    Political Sociology, Social Psychology, Sociological Theory, Sport and Society, & Punishment and Social Control

    Classes Taught:

    Sociological Perspectives, Politics and Society, Sport and Society, Social Class & Inequality, & Social-Cultural Basis of Sport (Graduate Level)


    Key Publications
    Capps, Jason S. 2002. "Explaining Punitiveness: Right-Wing Authoritarianism and Social Dominance." North American Journal of Psychology 4, 2:263-78.
    Kunkel, Karl R. and Jason S. Capps. 2005. "Private Prisons." in Encyclopedia of Prisons and Correctional Facilities, edited by Mary F. Bosworth. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.