College of Arts and Sciences

Kelly Benkert, MA

  • Kelly Benkert, MA
    MA, Student Development Administration
    Director for Student Leadership
    Center for Service and Community Engagement
    Adjunct Professor, Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies
    Phone: 206-296-2327
    Building/Room: DOUG 100


    In my role as Assistant Director in the Center for Service and Community Engagement, I work with our talented staff to provide high quality leadership opportunities for SU students engaging in the community. I am proud to work with our scaffolded, developmental programs that empower SU students to be leaders for a more just and humane world. I love my work in the CSCE - it is an invigorating mix of teaching, coaching, strategizing, and organizing. I am constantly learning and growing through my experiences with our students, my colleagues, and our community partners.

    Through my work with the Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies Program, I love engaging our students deeply in our neighborhood to learn about the power of community and the rich cultural traditions present, and to begin to untangle the complexity of systemic social issues and constructions of power. I'm fascinated by concepts of transformative learning, and strive to implement them and build upon existing research through the peer education model we use in the SUYI Leadership Seminar.

    Before joining the staff of the CSCE in 2008, I worked as an organizer, advocate, and social justice educator in Hartford, CT and Western Massachusetts. I hold a BA in Anthropology and English from the University of Notre Dame, and an MA in Student Development Administration from Seattle University. In my free time, you can find me playing competitive Pictionary and racquetball, hiking, cooking, or hanging out with my partner and my dog.