College of Arts and Sciences

Alexandra L. Adame, PhD

  • Alexandra L. Adame, PhD
    PhD, Clinical Psychology
    Assistant Professor, Psychology
    Phone: 206-296-2551
    Building/Room: Casey 3E

    Teaching and Research Interests

    Social activism and advocacy, Martin Buber, researcher reflexivity, first-person madness narratives, psychosis, qualitative inquiry 


    Recent Publications

    Adame, A. L., & Leitner, L. M. (in press). Dialogical constructivism: Martin Buber’s enduring relevance to psychotherapy. Journal of Humanistic Psychology.

    Adame, A. L., Leitner, L. M., & Knudson, R. M. (in press). A poetic epiphany: Explorations of aesthetic forms of representation. Qualitative Research in Psychology.

    Adame, A. L., Pavlo, A. J., Smith, B. M., Schielke, H. J., & Leitner, L. M. (2009). Reflexivity, research, and practice: Explorations in experiential personal construct psychotherapy. In R. Butler (Ed.), On reflection: Emphasizing the personal in personal construct theory (pp. 375-388). Chichester, UK: Wiley.

    Adame, A. L. & Leitner, L. M. (2009). Reverence and recovery: Experiential personal construct psychotherapy and transpersonal reverence.
    Journal of Constructivist Psychology, 22, 253-267.

    Adame, A. L., & Leitner, L. M. (2008). Breaking out of the mainstream: The evolution of peer support alternatives to the mental health system. Ethical Human Psychology and Psychiatry, 10, 146-162.

    Adame, A. L., & Knudson, R. M. (2008). Recovery and the good life: How psychiatric survivors are revisioning the healing process. Journal of Humanistic Psychology, 48, 142-164.

    Adame, A. L., & Knudson, R. M. (2007). Beyond the counter-narrative: Exploring alternative narratives of recovery from the psychiatric survivor movement. Narrative Inquiry, 17, 157-178.

    Leitner, L. M., & Adame, A. L. (2007, August 8). Mainstream alternative treatments of
    emotional distress [Review of the book Complementary and alternative treatments in mental health care.]. PsycCRITIQUES—Contemporary Psychology: APA Review of Books, 52 (No. 32).

    Knudson, R. M., Adame, A. L., & Finocan, G. M. (2006). Significant dreams: Repositioning the self narrative. Dreaming, 16, 215-222.

    Smith, B. M., & Adame, A. L. (2006). Qualitative research methods for psychologists: Introduction through empirical studies [book review]. The Humanistic Psychologist, 34, 299-302.

    Adame, A. L., & Hornstein, G. A. (2006). Representing madness: How are subjective experiences of emotional distress presented in first-person accounts? The Humanistic Psychologist, 34, 135-158.