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Dean's Monthly Memo, March 2014

  • Dean’s Monthly Memo
    March 2014


    Now on video

    Special Olympics Polar Plunge 2014: Students in the Special Olympics Washington club, founded and chaired by Film Studies senior Stephanie Harruff, took to the frigid waters of Puget Sound in support of Special Olympics. Here’s the link

    Jennifer Schulz and student Julia Johnson discuss the service learning component of the Literature in the City” core class. Here’s the link

    Out with Angel, In with Canvas, and Introducing Starfish 

     ANGEL Update

    Angel LMS will be retired at the end of Winter Quarter. New course material for Spring Quarter 2014, which begins March 31, will only be available on Canvas LMS. Old ANGEL courses will remain available until ANGEL is finally decommissioned on September 1. The entire course content (syllabi, course handouts, lecture slides, etc.) from Winter Quarter ANGEL courses will be migrated into Canvas, as has already been done with older ANGEL courses. However, after September 1, you will lose access to all student artifacts (enrollment data, student assignments, student grades, etc.) stored in ANGEL. After September 1, faculty are responsible for saving relevant material.  

    There is ample time for faculty to self-archive ANGEL student artifacts and support is available to assist.  Please see the following resources and seek individual assistance if needed: 

    Custom-made online guides and narrated videos here. Sign up for individual consultation here.  SU Canvas Help Center Guide here

    ANGEL Course Structure: The content inside ANGEL courses (syllabi, course handouts, lecture slides, etc.) will continue to be migrated each quarter into Canvas to assist transitioning to the new system. Please see SU Canvas Help Center guide for more information. 

    ANGEL Student Artifacts: Student artifacts (enrollment, grades, assignments etc.) inside ANGEL courses have never been migrated to Canvas. It is a Faculty responsibility to self-archive student artifacts. Please see this SU Canvas Help Center Guide  for more information. 

    ANGEL Archive Timeline:
    Beginning now, faculty may self-archive ANGEL student artifacts.

    Spring/Summer Quarters 2014: Faculty may access ANGEL courses online (read-only), and continue archiving student artifacts.

    September 1, 2014: ANGEL will be decommissioned and historical ANGEL data will be erased.

    Introducing STARFISH

    As part of SU’s efforts to improve student success and persistence through graduation and based largely on feedback and participation from faculty members during the development, selection, and implementation process, SU is deploying a new early alert software package called Starfish. Starfish replaces the old Academic Alert web form used previously.  The tool is available to all faculty via SUOnline; users will use the same password to log in to Starfish that they do for SUOnline.  

    The university encourages all faculty to consider using this tool if and when they become aware of any specific challenge facing a student.  Such challenges may be related to academic, personal, financial, or other issues.  When an alert is raised, the student and their advisor are notified; the faculty member who raised it will receive a copy of the Alert as well. For questions regarding Academic Alerts, please contact the Academic Advising Support Center in Casey 1 West or at 206-296-2840. Thank you for your participation and support of our students!

    Update on Shared Governance Activities

    Several initiatives at the college are addressing shared governance issues:

    • 2 elected faculty positions added to College Budget Advisory Committee
    • 1 elected staff position added to Executive Committee
    • NTT Subcommittee of FSA engaged in developing Senior Instructor promotion guidelines
    • A&S Faculty member co-chaired University Strategic Planning process
    • Shared Governance Task Force in progress, chaired by Paulette Kidder.
    • FSA established a Shared Governance Committee. Minutes are at this website:
    • All-College Meeting discusses shared governance issues on February 13. 
    • Dean Powers plans to continue discussions with department chairs, faculty, and staff.

    Faculty Receive Institute for Catholic Thought and Culture Research Grants and Course Development Stipends

    Congratulations to Arts and Sciences faculty who received Institute for Catholic Thought and Culture (ICTC) Faculty Research Grants and Course Development Summer Stipends provide financial support for faculty to continue to do research and create courses that expand the engagement with the Catholic intellectual tradition. The program’s goals are to encourage and enable faculty to undertake research and to create new course offerings that expand students’ opportunities to learn more about the influence of Catholicism in the history of thought and the development of cultures.  

    The following Arts and Sciences faculty are the recipients of the 2014-15 ICTC grants and stipends:

    Faculty Research Grant: Sean McDowell, Ph.D., Honors Program, English Department: “Energia, the Stirring of Ardor, and the Poetic Mind of Robert Southwell, S.J.”

    Summer Course Development Summer Stipend: racey Pepper, M.A., History, Women and Gender Studies: Inquiry Seminar in the Humanities: The European Witch-Hunts

    If you are interested in applying for a 2015-16 grant or stipend, you are encouraged to contact Catherine Punsalan-Manlimos, Ph.D., Director of the Institute for Catholic Thought and Culture. 

    Workshop Set by the Center for Faculty Development

    The Center for Faculty Development (formerly CETL) is hosting an afternoon workshop for SU faculty early in Spring Quarter. Professional journeys: The trek and its meaning, facilitated by Robert Conyne, PhD, Boeing-William A. Allen Endowed Chair & Distinguished Professor,College of Education, 2013–14, Friday, April 11, 12:30–4:30, HUNT 110, lunch and refreshments provided. A full description of this event is at this link.To register for this event, please complete our quick online registration form  here.



    Professor Cynthia Moe-Lobeda received a rave review of her recent book, Resisting Structural Evil. Link here.  

    Professor of Philosophy Therese Scarpelli Cory just published “Aquinas on Self-Knowledge.” In her book, she examines Aquinas’s views on self-knowledge, dispelling the myth that the concept of the “self” and “self-knowledge” are mainly modern topics of interest. More here

    Criminal Justice Chair Jacqueline Helfgott received the 2013 Outstanding Academic Title award from "Choice" for her 4-volume, 1600-page reference set, "Criminology Psychology." More here. The set received a terrific review by David Shapiro in the American Psychology Association’s  PsycCRITIQUES (November 20, 2013, Vol. 58, No. 45, Article 18). Shapiro concluded his review with the following: “In summary, this is an excellent and remarkable set that, for the most part, meets its goal of providing the most up-to-date research and clinical input into the study of criminal psychology and integrating the findings as well. “

    Criminal Justice faculty Jacqueline Helfgott and Matt Hickman presented "Preparation, Networking, and Expanding Options for Careers in Forensic Science and Forensic Psychology” at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences in Seattle in February. Hickman also presented "Using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to Explore ‘Patterns or Practices’ of Use of Excessive Force in Law Enforcement Agencies." 

    MFA faculty member Ellen Walker has been named executive director of Pacific Northwest Ballet (PNB). More at here and here

    English Professor Molly Clark Hillard published "Spellbound: The Fairy Tale and the Victorians," which explores the Victorian era's fascination with fairy tales. More at this link.


    On Thursday February 27, 36 College of Arts and Sciences students were formally recognized for induction into the Tau Sigma National Transfer Student Honor Society. Transfer students become members of the Tau Sigma Honor Society as a result of their high academic achievement. Candidacy for membership in the Seattle University chapter of Tau Sigma is granted to those students who have transferred to Seattle University having completed at least one year at a prior institution and earned an exemplary grade point average during their first term at SU.  Please congratulate the following Arts and Sciences students: Tucker Devault-Wagner, Theology & Religious Studies; Jordan Luthi, Psychology; Annika Fithian, Social Work; Kimberley Seigel, Strategic Communications; Kahlil Silver, Film Studies; Sarah Smalley, Psychology; Camille Kinsey, English; Charles O'Leary, Psychology ;Lauren Ermacoff, History-Political Sciences; Devon Woodley, Strategic Communications; Eric Lilly, Social Work; Quinn Yackulic, International Studies; Alexa Anderson, Environmental Studies; Tristan Coles, Psychology; Nicole Coven, Interdisciplinary Arts; Renata Dinto, Photography; Dameley Duiseyeva, Psychology; Jessica Gandy, Psychology; Juliana Genovesi, Public Affairs; Christine Jensen, Psychology; Avery Kain, Psychology; Elena Kazangian, Sociology; Christian Klein, Psychology; Geran Laden, Visual Arts; Dawn MacDonald Vargas, Social Work; Elizabeth MacGregor, English; William McQuilkin, Communication Studies; Bree Rose, Psychology; Ena Rotoli, Visual Arts; Risa Rydell, Communication Studies; Fallon Sullivan, English; LaraThomas, Psychology; Spencer Tierney, Philosophy; Amanda Uyesugi, English; Melissa Yapp, Strategic Communications; and Christina Yiatchos, Anthropology.

    Social Work student Shandra Benito, who is studying abroad, wrote an op ed in the Seattle Times: "Why the U.S. needs to join the U.N. on disability rights" at this link


    Jeff Grant, MAP ’12, received a prestigious scholarship award from APA Div 39, Psychoanalysis. Reposted from another alum, Ro Reyes: "My friend, business partner, and soul brother Jeff Grant, is one of this year's recipients of the American Psychological Association Division 39 (Psychoanalysis) Graduate Student Scholar Award. The award is given to graduate student applicants who demonstrate an “interest in psychoanalytic theory and practice; strong academic and clinical background; commitment to scholarly pursuits and research; and potential for future leadership and contribution to the field.” 


    Regalia for Commencement

    Seattle University’s Commencement ceremonies will take place at Key Arena on Sunday, June 15, 2014, with the undergraduate ceremony beginning at 9:30 a.m. and the graduate ceremony at 3:00 p.m.  For those of you who do not own academic attire, the University is pleased to cover this expense for you. Please submit your order for academic attire by April 4.  Individuals who place orders after April 4 will be assessed a $30.00 late fee.  Please contact Ms. Kathy Straughan from the Seattle University Bookstore at to place your order.  

    Beware of Email Scams

    Email scams continue to plague us all. Here’s what to do and what NOT to do to prevent scams and computer viruses.


    • Read your email carefully
    • Look for tell-tale signs of email scams (incorrectly spelled words or sent from non-SU email accounts)
    • Forward potential scams to  If OITknows about a scam, they can block it and prevent further damage from the uninformed or unwary.


    • NEVER Reply to email scams (even f the reply is really funny or contains false information
    • NEVER Give out personal data over email (birthdate, SSN, credit card info)
    • NEVER EVER give out your password. 

    Spring Quarter Sabbaticals

    The following faculty will be on sabbatical spring quarter:  Alex Adame, Psychology; Therese Cory, Philosophy; Gabriella Gutierrez y Muhs, Modern Languages and Cultures; Erica Lilleleht, Psychology; Christina Roberts, English; and Matt Whitlock, Theology and Religious Studies.


    Details are on the campus calendar.

    March 6: MA in Criminal Justice Information Session 

    March 7: Scratch

    March 8: Lenten Prayer Concert

    March 13: Advanced Studio opening reception

    March 13: Student Chamber Music Concert


    April 6: Accepted Student Open House

    April 8: Prof. Hugh Cagle gives Al Mann lecture,  “The Entanglements of Imperial Medicine: Three Lives in the Face of Death.” More here

    April 12: Accepted Student Open House

    April 22: Coffee in the Atrium, sponsored by the dean, 8:30 – 10:30 a.m., Casey Atrium

    April 22: Alumni Awards Ceremony

    April 24: University Mission Day

    April 25 & 27: Spring Choir Concert, “All God’s Creatures Got a Place in the Choir!”

    Ma 1: Imagining the World Photo Competition Opening Reception

    May 8 – 11: Spring Reunion Weekend

    The next Dean’s Monthly Memo will publish in April.  Send items for the next issue to Laura Paskin by March 20.