College of Arts and Sciences
Environmental Studies

Program Summary

  • Specializations

    The field of Environmental Studies, and thus our EVST curriculum, has a wide reach that encompasses the natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities so that students grasp the many facets of the human place in nature in light of both its problems and its prospects.  But in a broadly interdisciplinary field such as this, it is also important to cultivate some measure of expertise in a specific area, which is the purpose of our specializations, each of which is 20 credits. 

    We offer the following specializations:

    • Specialization in Ecological Systems
    • Specialization in Politics, Policy, and Justice
    • Specialization in Urban Sustainability
    • Specialization in Environmental Education and Communication
  • The choice of a specialization should be made before the completion of 90 credits toward your SU degree (i.e., by the end of your sophomore year) and must be certified by submitting an “Addition of Another Major, Degree, Specialization, or Certificate” form to the Office of the Registrar.  In all the specializations, lower-division courses should, whenever possible, be completed before upper-division courses.