College of Arts and Sciences

Learning Outcomes

  • Seattle University undergraduate Creative Writing students should be able to:

    • Demonstrate a broad understanding of British and American literary history
    • Engage questions of justice, value, spirituality, and meaning raised by literary texts
    • Read and interpret a variety of texts (written, oral, visual, and cultural) from different critical perspectives and appreciate how differences in theoretical framework can produce multiple readings of a text
    • Write and speak effectively for different audiences and purposes

      • Early in the major: Produce effective close readings that engage basic formal and aesthetic features of texts
      • Late in the major: conduct scholarly inquiry and produce literary research papers in the manner of a literary critic and in the style recommended by the current MLA
    • Produce effective creative pieces in three genres
    • Demonstrate the professional habits of creative writers: revision, workshopping, public reading, and submission for publication

    Here is a complete list of Learning Outcomes for Seattle University Undergraduate Students