Center for the Study of Sport and Exercise
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  • Mission

    The Center for the Study of Sport & Exercise (CSSP) functions as a platform for scholarly research and teaching, continuing education, and public dissemination of information regarding the role and conduct of sports in a global society. The Center for the Study of Sport & Exercise also provides a service outreach to athletes, coaches, administrators, and parents in the Seattle metropolitan area and around the world.


    The faculty and staff of The Center for the Study of Sport & Exercise recognize that organized sport is one of the most significant cultural institutions in America today. Thus, in the process of fulfilling its mission, they are committed to

    1. Strengthening the bridges between academics and athletics, especially in the context of educating the whole person - mind, body, and spirit.
    2. Expanding curricular opportunities for and the professional skills of students in academic disciplines related to sport;
    3. Providing a framework for developing transformational leadership in sport at all levels of competition; and
    4. Engaging in public discourse on the role of sport in society