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Center for the Study of Sport and Exercise

Center for the Study of Sport and Exercise

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    • Mask fitting
    • Bryan Cadiz
    • Gait Example
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    • Logan Richards
    • T-Pose Skeleton 1
    • Vicon Camera
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  • Mission

    To develop well-educated, self-directed and conscientious professionals in fields of movement science.  


    We will be the premier academic center in the Northwest for the study of movement science through a commitment to a learning environment that fosters self-reflection, an appreciation for life-long learning and a curriculum that emphasizes critical thinking and professionalism. 

    Program Strengths

    • We provide an opportunity for students to develop the skills necessary to become leaders in fields of movement science through a rigorous and practical academic experience.  

    • We develop well-rounded professionals committed to applying their knowledge, skills, and critical thinking to the betterment of society.

    • We ensure access to state-of-the-art teaching and laboratory facilities.

    • Our faculty and laboratory staff are committed to bridging the gap between the classroom and the latest research findings and professional practices.