College of Arts and Sciences
Modern Languages and Cultures Department

Learning Center

  • Located on the third floor of the Lemieux Library, the center can provide the following services to the department and to the Seattle University community:

    • A Macintosh computer laboratory for the use of students and faculty.
    • Computer-assisted langauge software and video.
    • Coversion of any video standard worldwide to the NTSC standard used in the U.S. if copyright permitted.
    • Projected video viewing from VHS tape, DVD and laser discs.
    • Assistance in Digital Video creation and conversion to QuickTime movies using iMovie 2 or Final Cut Pro.
    • Language video programs in French, Spanish, German, Italian and Polish.
    • A collection of VHS, laser disc and DVD videos of foreign movies and documentaries.


    The learning center contains the following equipment and development software:


    • 1 Mac G4 Dual 800 MHZ 80GB HD Computer
    • 1 Mac G4 867 MHZ 80GB HD CD/DVD Rom Computer
    • 12 iMac G3 Computers
    • 2 eMac G4 Computers
    • 3 iBooks
    • HP Laserjet Printer
    • Minolta Dimage Scan Elite - Slide Scanner
    • Epson 1680 Pro Scanner
    • 25 Koss & Sony headsets
    • Cyclone CD Duplicator


    • Pioneer Laser/DVD/CD Player
    • 2 Samsung Multi-System VCR Players
    • Epson LCD Projector
    • Surround sound - KLIPSCH Quintet Speaker System

    Developmental Software

    • Photoshop 7.0
    • Final Cut Pro 3
    • iMovie 2
    • La Taupe & A travers la lumière

    Video Development

    • Several camcorders (Includes: 1 Canon GL1 DV Camcorder and 1 Canon Optura DV Camcorder)
    • Bogen Tripod
    • Azden wireless microphones
    • Hollywood DV Bridge Conversion Analog to Digital video