College of Arts and Sciences
Global Awareness Program

Specialization Requirements

  • Students are required to complete activities from the following for the GAP certificate categories (total of 140 points):

    • Academic Requirements (25 points minimum)
      • Required courses: Students are required to take five one-credit GAP courses and complete the senior synthesis in the spring of their senior year (3-5 credits).  For details on learning outcomes linked to the required class schedule, click here.
      • Elective courses: Students are required to take three approved elective courses (non-Core classes) that have been designated to meet GAP requirements: one in Humanities, one in Social Science, and one elective.
    • Co-Curricular Activities (40 points minimum)
      • Students must attend five lectures or public events that have a strong international or multicultural focus and write a short report to receive credit. Students are also required to participate in a co-curricular University organization or club that has a strong international or multicultural focus. Students may establish a partnership with an international student.
    • Global Engagement (50 points minimum)
      • Service Learning: All GAP students must participate in a University-approved Service Learning project and write a short evaluation of their project
      • Study and/or Travel with Multicultural Emphasis: Students travelling abroad are required to spend a minimum of two weeks and submit a written reflection of their experience.
        International students may fulfill this requirement by acting as resources / experts who share knowledge about their country and culture with academic and campus.