College of Arts and Sciences
Global Awareness Program

Faculty and Staff

  • Peter Blomquist, BA

    Peter Blomquist, BA

    BA, English
    Adjunct Professor, International Studies
    Adjunct Professor, Institute of Public Service
    Phone: 206.220.8439
    Building/Room: Rianna 107
    Yitan Li, PhD

    Yitan Li, PhD

    PhD, Politics and International Relations
    Associate Professor, Political Science
    Associate Appointment, Asian Studies Program
    Phone: 206.296.2056
    Building/Room: Casey 408
    Reine Mages

    Reine Mages

    Administrative Assistant, International Studies, Global Awareness Program, Latin American Studies
    Associate Appointment, Asian Studies Program
    Phone: 206.296.2487
    Building/Room: Casey 3W
    Tom Taylor, PhD

    Tom Taylor, PhD

    PhD, History
    Department Chair, History
    Associate Appointment, International Studies Program and Global Awareness Program
    Phone: 206.296.5445
    Building/Room: Casey 409